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Hookah enthusiast across the globe use coconut coals as they are long-lasting and doesn’t interfere with the taste of hookah flavor during hookah smoking. The use of natural coconut hookah charcoal has become more popular in the last ten years.

If you are one of those hookah smokers who want to know how are coconut coals made for hookah smoking.

The shells of coconut are the important raw material that is used for making coconut coals. The coconut shells are first ground into powder and then used to make uniform square-shaped charcoal briquettes. These coals come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including flat squares, circular, and big cubes.

How are coconut coals made for hookah?

Natural coconut-based charcoal is good to use for hookah smoking as compared to quick-light charcoal. The quick light charcoal contains chemical accelerant that could be lit with a simple matchstick but it could cause headaches at the end of the hookah session.
The carbon-rich source like coconut shells is burnt in a low oxygen atmosphere to make coconut-shelled coals. They are first carbonized in the absence of oxygen and then mixed with adhesives to make charcoal briquettes of different sizes and shapes.
Coconut shells are now seen as resources rather than waste since they are turned into briquettes that are used to ignite the grill rather than being dumped in landfills.
The process of making coconut-shelled charcoal completes mainly in multiple steps.


The partial combustion of coconut shells in the presence of little to no oxygen atmosphere inside the brick igloo-style kilns is known as the carbonization of coconut shells. The carbonization process of coconut shells allows the shells to be carbonized but doesn’t convert them into ash. This process could take 3 to 5 days with an average heat of 400 – 600 centigrade.

Crushing and mixing with adhesive

Then, it is ground in a grinding machine with rollers, which smash and turn the material into a fine powder. The charcoal powder is then transferred to a mixer, where it is combined with starch derived from the cassava tree. Water is then added to the charcoal powder after starch to create a firm binding between the charcoal granules.

Pressing into different sizes and shapes

Now that the charcoal is ready, it can be molded into briquettes of uniform size and shape. Briquettes are then placed in a specially constructed room with open fires in the middle, where they are allowed to bake for 24 hours to firm up.

Briquettes harden as a result of the heat fusing the charcoal particles. Briquettes harden as a result of the heat fusing the charcoal particles.
It is packed and then delivered to the market, thus they are now considered a resource of energy instead of useless garbage.

Coconut-shelled charcoal for hookah is gaining popularity among hookah enthusiasts as they are environment-friendly, easy to ignite, and most importantly, doesn’t interfere with hookah flavor.

Coconut-based charcoal is considered to be a matchless product in the charcoal industry due to its low ash content and almost no Sulphur oxides compared to other products. 

Most hookah lovers use natural coconut-shelled charcoals to make shisha more flavorful and to get a longer hookah session.


What is coconut shell charcoal?

The used coconut shells when partially combusted in the absence or little supply of oxygen and then converted into charcoal briquettes, it is then termed coconut shell charcoal. Coconut shells are considered a rich source of carbon, they are an excellent raw material for making environment-friendly charcoal. 
The coconut-shelled charcoal is widely used for cooking, hookah smoking, BBQ, etc. 

Are coconut coals better for hookah?

The coconut shelled charcoal are loved by most hookah smokers as they are environment friendly, give less ash residue, has uniform heat distribution, doesn’t interfere with hookah flavor, and enables you to have longer hookah session.  
If you want to have a longer hookah session, the coconut coals might be the best option as it gives a uniform and consistent heat for a longer period.

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